Hardware & Networking

Everyone uses computers, laptops, mobile internet & iPads these days. This growth in technology has led to growth in scope of Hardware & Networking too. There is huge demand for people trained in this field to work as Hardware & Networking Engineers.

We offer short duration courses in very commonly known as Hardware & Networking Training courses. These are specifically designed for any individual enthusiastic to build a career in as aspects of Hardware & Networking such as Desktop, Database, Storage, and Security management. These students need to devote minimum two to six hours daily to complete the Hardware & Networking Training Course to become Hardware & Networking professionals.

  • Personal Computer Components
  • Assembling A Personal Computer
  • BIOS & CMOS Set Up
  • Basics Of Installing, Configuring, Optimizing & Upgrading – Microsoft Windows Operative System
  • Installing & Upgrading LINUX Operating System
  • Hardware Device Manager
  • Software Installation
  • Working With Windows Operating System
  • Security Fundamentals
  • DOS Commands
  • Trouble Shooting & Servicing

This course provides coverage of basic electronics, computer hardware, Windows administration with virtualization, Cisco Networking on LAN and WAN and basic understanding of LINUX Servers.


  • Introduction to Networks
  • Basic Terminologies
  • Network Devices
  • Physical Components Of A Network (Wired)
  • Physical Components Of A Network (Wireless)
  • LAN Technology
  • Internet Protocol (V4)
  • Network Trouble Shooting
  • VLSN – Variable Length Sub Net Mask
  • IP Address – Sub Netting
  • Internet Routing
  • Introduction To Client / Server Computing
  • Wan Technology
  • Firewall Concepts