Mobile App Development

The Android OS developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance offers an application framework that allows developers to create innovative apps using a set of reusable components. According to Gartner, the Android platform is the most widely used platform for smartphones today with a share of close to 50% globally. The scope for Andriod application development is immense and the need for Android developers is also on the rise.

Our Android App Development course will provide you in-depth understanding of how to build and deploy applications for Android phones and tablets, using the Java programming language.

Android is the leader in smartphones operating system market. Android owns 43% (Oct 2011) of the US smartphone market share. Google's dedication to continually improve Android, has also made it the platform of choice in various embedded systems, requiring a graphical front end.

This course aims to teach application development for Android. Since Java is the primary language of the Android platform, the course starts by refreshing the advanced features of the Java programming language. The course then covers the building blocks of Android in detail, and shows how to design & develop applications using these building blocks.


Android and JAVA Basics:

  • History of Android
  • Introduction to Android OS
  • What is Android?
  • Android Versioning
  • Android Development Tools
  • Android Architecture
  • Practical Installation of Android SDK, Eclipse and ADT Plug-in
  • Structure of Android Project
  • OOPS Concepts
  • Core Java Concepts
  • Introduction to android components / Building Blocks
  • User Interface
  • Understanding an android application structure
  • Working with Layouts techniques
  • Intents understanding
  • Data Storage & Permissions