About Us

BrainPlus Academy is a part of Acmeg Group of companies. BrainPlus Academy is brand name running under Acmeg Education. If you are deciding a best place for maximizing your knowledge, then you have come to the right spot. At BrainPlus Academy, we understand the market needs better than anyone else and train the students with variety of ammunitions that would help them to be successful in their respective industry. BrainPlus Academy helps you find out the right training.

Over the time, BrainPlus has grown up with global reputation, imparting high quality education. It has been playing a pioneering role In professionalizing Indian IT through its Career, Individual, corporate Training Programs, Research and Consulting Activities.

Today, brainplus serving many students & Professionals continually evolves to meet its goals in an Ever-changing business environment.The BrainPlus Academy., was established for Career studies and Research in IT industry by the Professional team.

Wide range of courses:

BrainPlus offers a variety of courses - technology courses for IT students, career programs for students wanting to enter the IT sector, certification courses for IT professionals to enhance their career and basic IT programs for school students, housewives/senior citizens etc. .

It also specializes in Communication Skill, Personality Development, Soft skill & Management Skills. Having started functioning with a two students today our enrollment has grown more. BrainPlus has an organized and methodical way of imparting education and training, which makes the students very comfortable while learning the subject. Our students' career basically starts from Computer Education Technical Institute has an organized and methodical way of imparting education and training.


The everyday jargons of the Information Technology like Hardware innovations, software upgrades, speed and performance is all only from the highly skilled IT professionals. For every new wave of technology, a team of experts can be found at its source. We provide quality, cost-effective support to meet your needs.